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Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Most people don’t think about it, but a large part of our balance and coordination is only possible when our eyes work together. Improper eye alignment disrupts this balance, akin to navigating without a key sense. Fortunately, our staff have the expertise and resources to retrain your eyes and restore vision — come to North Tustin Ave Optometric Center to see the difference for yourself.

What is Binocular Vision Dysfunction?

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) is an eye condition where your eyes become misaligned, which makes it difficult to focus. This results in symptoms that can affect balance, coordination, and even depth perception. BVD is sometimes misdiagnosed as dyslexia or ADHD because the symptoms often overlap, and a misdiagnosis can result in the patient taking longer to receive the proper care they need to properly fix the issue.
Eye doctor and his old patient
Eye doctor and his old patient

Symptoms of Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Binocular Vision Dysfunction can cause an enormous range of symptoms, and the symptoms can have a serious adverse impact on your ability to perform basic tasks. If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, book an appointment with your eye doctor:

  • Glare or light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Poor depth perception
  • Nausea
  • Unbalanced or unsteady walking
  • Losing your place while reading
  • Motion sickness

Identifying Causes of Binocular Vision Dysfunction

There are many possible causes of Binocular Vision Dysfunction. Many of these issues may emerge early through visual development issues that are left untreated, like lazy eye (amblyopia) or crossed eyes (strabismus). Some people have an asymmetrical face where one eye is higher than the other. Neurological disorders or eye muscle abnormalities can also cause BVD. Untreated cases of BVD often result in progressively worse symptoms over time.
Eye doctor and his old patient

Assessing Your Risk for Binocular Vision Dysfunction

If you are experiencing symptoms and are concerned about your vision, consider taking our self-test to see if you pass the questionnaire. Or give us a call — our staff would be happy to answer your questions and give you sound peace of mind.

Eye doctor and his old patient

Treatment Options: Prism Glasses

Prismatic lenses adjust for each eye separately, so when your eyes view the image, the brain combines the two into a single image. This eliminates eye misalignment and quickly soothes symptoms: the average patient sees their BVD symptoms reduced by half after their first day with prism glasses.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated team has experience with diagnosing and treating BVD. We like to take a collaborative approach with your treatment by walking you through your exam results and explaining what we see and how we plan to correct your vision. When working with our staff, you will have an in-depth understanding of your eyes and eye health, so you can better appreciate both the care you receive and the high-tech solutions we employ to restore your sight. We love what we do and want to share that experience with you!

See What Our Patients Are Saying

The quality and dedication of our team and the work they do speaks for itself — hear what others are saying!
Tracy McCleereyTracy McCleerey
17:52 15 Sep 22
What a fantastic office! 100% positive experience.1. The ease of online appointment scheduling and patient forms2. Friendly staff at the reception area3. Technician administering visual tests extremely knowledgeable and friendly.4. Dr. Michael Lum clearly explained my results and my options so that I would receive the right prescription for my multiple visual needs5. Huge selection of frames to choose from which could have been overwhelming but Erin hand selected many for me to choose from and between us we were able to quickly find the perfect pair.I have never been excited to go to for an eye exam or to pick out glasses but I now look forward to my appointments at this office.
Heike LarsonHeike Larson
19:14 02 Sep 22
LaPaz Optometric is a wonderful practice, both for regular eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses, and also for more complex well eye visits. I've had two eye related health issues in the last 18 months, and both times the team here was able to quickly fit me in, do a thorough exam, and leave me treatment and guidance that made me confident in the health of my eyes. Plus, everyone is so friendly, I don't ever have to sit around and wait, the equipment is very modern and confidence inspiring, and all three doctors I've met are very knowledgeable, great with patients, and just plain nice people! Highly recommend!
patricia Robitaillepatricia Robitaille
18:57 19 Aug 22
Staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.Dr Yamamoto is great. He takes the time to answer questions and doesn’t make you feel rushed.Amelia helped me find the perfect pair of glasses and was really patient with me.I’d recommend this office in a heartbeat!
Meng Fei KueMeng Fei Kue
02:33 18 Jun 22
Wonderful vision center and I would recommend it to everyone. The staff are always super friendly and professional. The Optometrist is always asking about your concerns, issues, or any questions you may have. Plus they have a huge selection of glasses to pick from.
Gil B. Jr.Gil B. Jr.
22:29 28 Oct 21
Full CoVid safety protocols followed here. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. The doctors use state of the art equipment to really look at your eyes. They have an incredible selection of frames at reasonable prices. They also offer curbside pickup.
sami fardissisami fardissi
14:56 22 Sep 22
Yesterday I had my routine eye exam. Not really sure where to start with this review. The crew was amazing, professional and kind. They took their time in running all the tests and explained everything in details. After completing all the tests, Dr. Walsh took her time with me to address all the concerns, prescribe the best lenses for my glasses and contacts. They by far the most professional optometry center I’ve ever dealt with. As a patient never been that happy. Simply if you have vision challenges. That’s the place you want to be to get your treatment.So glad that I found my optometry center.The most highly recommended vision center. If there was more then 5 stars I would have definitely gave it to the team.That’s the place you should go to if you want to walk out with a smile on your face. They magically know how to draw a fat one on your face.
Kimberly WalshKimberly Walsh
18:27 17 Aug 22
Dr. Walsh was extremely knowledgeable and thorough while also being compassionate and caring. The office was friendly and well organized making it a great experience.I would highly recommend Dr. Walsh and her team!
Sue GregorySue Gregory
17:18 29 Jul 22
Everyone at Mission Viejo Optometric Center was very friendly and professional. Dr. Walsh examined my eyes and Jennifer helped me find some great frames. She even ordered several petite frames for me to choose from. I would highly recommend them.
Jackie ApodacaJackie Apodaca
19:42 18 Jul 22
I had a great experience! Dr Walsh and her staff are professional, kind and helpful. I had a very thorough exam. They were also very knowledgeable regarding my insurance coverage and helpful in selecting glasses.
Theresa NakagawaTheresa Nakagawa
03:48 10 Oct 22
I've been going to Dr. Nakasone for a many years. The entire staff are professional, kind and highly skilled. I highly recommend North Tustin Avenue Optometric Center.
Kevin BaughmanKevin Baughman
17:19 06 Jul 22
Everyone at this office is friendly and helpful. I can't imagine a better experience! I have purchased glasses, prescriptiom sun glasses and soft contacts over several years and I keep going back because they are the best! They take the time to answer all questions whether it be picking out lenses or explaining payment options. THE BEST!
Robert DavisRobert Davis
17:05 21 Jun 22
I have been going here for over 30 years. Super friendly staff. Great doctors that give you all the time and care you need. No waiting, they are always ready for you.
Matt MartinezMatt Martinez
17:16 08 Jun 22
The staff is very friendly. Very thorough exam. I had to take my glasses back for them to adjust my focal point. They fit me in really quickly and made sure they found the issue.
05:10 15 Sep 20
I've been coming to this optometry establishment for years, and have always had nothing short of a positive experience. They are now under new management, but the service provided is still exceptional.I booked my annual eye exam, and was going in feeling comfortable. On our call, Jody had asked me to make sure to bring my mask and to fill out some paperwork via email prior to my appointment, to reduce contact and time spent in the office. Upon arrival, I was asked to call the front desk to assure that I would be socially-distanced and everything was cleaned before entering. Once entered, Jody took my temperature and then walked me through some eye tests. She made sure to wipe all of the equipment down before use, which was very assuring. I then walked into my exam, and there was a sign on the chair before sitting down stating that it had been cleaned. I had an eye exam with Dr. Hsieh, and was extremely happy with her professionalism and knowledge. We ended up trying out some new contacts! James checked the schedule and had me book a 1-week follow-up appointment to make sure that they were to my satisfaction before ordering them.I came back a week later with no problems, and ended up purchasing a year supply of contacts (which were shipped to my house promptly - in less than a week).Overall, they are one business that is following COVID guidelines well, and I will continue to give them my service!
Bret BergBret Berg
16:30 15 Oct 22
I've been going here for years and always very happy with their level of service. They are timely and very professional and the doctors always take their time to answer all questions and concerns. I do recommend them!
Diane SmithDiane Smith
12:57 22 Sep 22
I went in for my annual exam. I expected to be greeted by a friendly staff and I certainly was! I was told Dr Cooperman himself retired which was no problem for me as I have never met him and was always examined by another doctor on staff. I must say that this crew working there is very friendly and professional. My appointment was on time, and I felt very well taken care of. I felt like they took the time to make sure I was getting the best service. The entire staff seems very knowledgeable and efficient. I would certainly recommend this office to anyone!
19:15 10 Sep 22
Husband has an urgent need to have his eye looked at, no appointment… the office scheduled him for next day, but asked him to stick around for a bit as they worked on getting him in sooner. He was seen later in the day and given a very thorough examination and testing. They went above and beyond for him.In addition, we have experienced the staff to be very professional, patient and kind when calling to change or make appointments. Also when checking in to be seen.The office is very clean
A BurkeA Burke
14:28 27 Mar 22
I give two thumbs up to the dedicated office staff. I would recommend the Brookhurst Optometric Center to anyone who needs immediate vision care. I was a previous patient and hadn’t been seen for 1.5 year. I took a chance a walked in hoping to be seen.I was greeted by Jacob who was warm and welcoming. I explained my vision problem and he asked if I wanted to be seen today. I said “yes”. Jacob checked my insurance and explained me the tests that would be performed. He was so kind and helpful. I was seen 30 minutes later and had a full eye exam and was fitted for contacts. I was so thrilled. I was seen by Dr Chi. Excellent Optometrist. He was very patience with me and explained and answered every question I had. He even assisted me by plucking sn ingrown hair from my eyelid. Wow! I checked out with the girls who were delightful . I had the best experience. The entire office staff was friendly and very helpful. Stop by and see them! You”ll be happy you did.
Eric ChangEric Chang
05:57 24 Feb 22
I had a good experience at this office for my eye exam. I've been having a little trouble seeing my phone with my glasses and Dr. Chi gave me a solution on my new ones. The staff were also very helpful since I walking in the door to me choosinga new frame. They treats me like a family instead of another patient. Not having to dilate this year because of the tech they have might be one of the best part.

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